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A long trip

Stone is a multi-disciplinary study which develops interior design and product projects through a perspective that makes them unique. Its main asset is its human factor. Stone makes projects for and because of the people. Cutting-edge projects; for nearly 25 years, we have always focused on the same objective: to help each other be happier day after day. Because at Stone nothing comes before the idea and the people. At Stone, we speak of nothing beyond life experience. An extremely basic idea that many have forgotten.


For this reason, Stone would be nothing without its team. A team made up of brilliant, capable people: working with them a unique and marvelous experience. Because when we speak about people, Stone passes with flying colors. For this reason, regardless of the type or size of project, from a Sheraton resort, a Lexus car or offices for Coca-Cola, the Stone team always approaches it with the same humility, enthusiasm and commitment. Because for them there is no other way; because they cannot think of anything else but us all, offering the best and most beautiful things from the bottom of their hearts. 

Cutu Mazuelos
Chaotic, impetuous, irrational... I am that person that tries, every day, to fill with energy the hearts of all this team that I love as if they were my own children. Together with Eva, we steer this ship which does not require any direction; at this point, all those who share their days with me have exceeded me by far. But I never say that out loud, because they still haven't realized it yet.... Let them reach new heights!
Eva Prego
She is, arguably, the most brilliant person you will ever meet. With a crazy genius, she is full of eccentricities and anecdotes that would fill a book. Eva is persistence and talent hand in hand. A person that does not fail, who always looks for more and, like all geniuses, sees life from her own particular point of view.
Diana Rubio
Interior designer
Dreamer, efficient and tenacious. The only thing greater than Diana's talent are her human qualities. She is one of those people that leaves her own mark on each project, making it special. The experience of working with her, her great taste and devotion to quality, always translate into compliments from our clients.
Sara Elizagarate
Product designer
Creative, with a special sensitivity for creating evocative surroundings. If a new product arises in the study, Sara will surround it with the best atmosphere imaginable. Passionate and with an assertive personality, she is capable of facing any challenge, always surpassing expectations.
Julio A. Egea
Julio's level of commitment to each project is exceptional. He takes it, makes it his own and, from then on, nothing will deviate the project from its course. Julio does not falter; his ability to resolve any adverse situation provides him with a global vision where nothing is left to chance. A fabulous architect that doesn't shy away from any challenge.
Juan C. Cuéllar
Product designer
Impetuous, versatile and brilliant. Juan always has a solution for everything. Passionate about mechanics and technical solutions, no product or constructive detail is too big for him. Behind all those tattoos, there is a large heart and a dedicated professional.
Isabel Galindo
Business development manager
Visionary, energetic, ambitious. Isabel has everything it takes to be the best commercial director. The vision and enthusiasm she provides, every day and without fail, is something we admired about her from day one. A person that would never sell anything that she didn't strongly believe in.
Paula Trocaola
Product designer
Despite being the youngest in the team, she is one of its most sensible members. With a fine instinct and maturity beyond her years, Paula is a diamond in the rough who, from the moment she started at Stone, has not stopped demonstrating that she shines brighter and brighter every day.
Sofía Alonso
Pragmatic and diligent. You only have to offer Sofia a project to know that she will not rest until it is finished. One of those people whose effectiveness and talent support any project she undertakes. Regardless of the project, you can rest assured that she guarantees quality.
Raquel Juanas
Financial manager
Fun, sarcastic, with a dry sense of humor... Raquel is the cornerstone of Stone. Not because she is in charge of finance, but because she has 22 years of experience demonstrating that a project as idealistic as this study was possible. Raquel does not represent the values of Stone; Raquel created them and branded them onto the hearts of all those that have passed through here. Her legacy is so large, that it would take three web pages just to mention her most valuable contributions.
Alberto Monteagudo
Alberto's eye from behind his camera generates a universe that few could reach. Environments that perfectly reflect, poetically and spontaneously, those which others can only dream of. A genius behind the camera, hiding a talented person with lots of stories to tell.

Mateo García. Narita Estudio. Málaga. Design and communication


Yoshiko Fujii. My Agent. Tokio. Agent


Yuichi-ro Yamanaka. Soy Labo. Tokio. Partner / Architect


Natalia Tatunashvili (Moscú – Nowadays). Partner / Architect


Thomas Sun. Sun & Associates. Partner / Architect

Our book

This is our new Book, incorporating our inspiration, interests and styles. It reflects our life experience that leaves it´s mark with our creations. In short, everything that marks and defines our way of understanding design and the thought process behind our projects.


Please enjoy this guide that will allow you understand our work fully.


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/ Graphic design and corporate image.

/ Art direction.

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